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The ClinchFX Burnish Boost is effectively a miniature class A amplifier with an output transformer. It can generate approximately 18dB of clean boost before clipping, depending on input levels.

If our EP-PRE is a “Tone Polisher”, our Burnish Boost is a burnishing tool, leaving its impression but keeping the essence of your tone.  The impression it leaves is a gentle mid presence boost, and a slightly rough edge that endows it with an aura of character. The design is original, and has no common circuitry with our EP-PRE, however we designed it to exhibit a similar Phase Response to the EP-PRE, giving it a rich, full-bodied tone.

The Burnish is a relatively clean boost, but, if you drive it hard enough it will gradually be forced into soft, progressive clipping, in a similar way to a class A Tube amp.  We adapted one or two design features from classic tube circuitry, ensuring that there is none of the harsh clipping that is usually associated with solid state amps.

Blues Harp Preamp

The “Class A” quality of the Burnish boost is also a favourite among Blues Harp players



€ 179,00Prijs
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