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Our low noise discrete component Class A pre-amplifier has been specifically designed to overcome the problems often encountered with amplification of Electric
Instruments fitted with magnetic transducers.

A frequent cause of these problems is the mismatch of the impedance in the electrical circuit between the pickup and subsequent equipment: this mismatch has been completely eliminated with the introduction of our LD-1™ Line Driver.

The input impedance is identical to a high quality tube amplifier and our Class A Pre-amplifier also features a highly effective RF filter which will help prevent interference from nearby radio transmitters.

The pickup output should be connected directly to the LD-1™ input with a low loss, screened cable; the LD-1™ output can now be fed to any effects or volume pedals (if used) and then on to the amplifier, using fully screened cables throughout.

A further use of the LD-1™ is to isolate long cable feeds which can cause signal and tone losses at the end of an effects chain, particularly if the final effect has a high impedance output (for instance a 250KW foot volume pedal). When using many effects it can be beneficial to add a LD-1™ mid way along the chain thus preventing a build up of signal losses that can occur with mismatched impedances between effects.

Each unit is hand built, wired and tested by Pete, Lynda and Mingus Cornish


This unit is capable of being used with any stabalized and noise free supply voltage between 9.6Vdc and 24 Vdc - the gain is unity with all dc supply voltages but also see below. We recommend the use of Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus adapter as meeting the above criteria. If only a single unit is to be powered the BOSS PSA series may be more cost effective and is also recommended: but do not "Daisy Chain" other effects if using this adapter as this may cause hum problems.

Using a fully smoothed and regulated AC/DC adapter with an output voltage of 24Vdc maximum, and capable of supplying 20mA, the signal performance of the unit will be shown as below.

Please do not use an adaptor with a higher output voltage than the specified 24Vdc maximum, or of reversed polarity, as it may damage the LD-1™. An adapter with an AC voltage output should NOT be used, as it will permanently damage the LD-1™. Damage caused by the use of the incorrect adapters mentioned above will not be covered under the terms of our warranty.


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