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New for 2016 is my unique Tone and Volume Boost- the 3Q-1™. The 3Q-1™ is not a variant of any existing product but a completely new and original design.

The Input is fully buffered using our LD-1 Class A unity gain line driver and RF filter which is also active in bypass mode. The first stage of the 3Q-1™ is a variable gain linear boost with flat frequency response - the gain range of the boost is 0 to +20dB (10X). Following on from the variable gain Linear (Clean) Boost is a three band active EQ using frequencies I have specifically tailored to suit guitars. Being active, the three tone bands can be both cut and boosted as desired with the zero or neutral point being 12 o'clock on each control knob.

The benefits of this active tone circuit, compared to the usual passive (Cut only) tone circuit is that the three bands are completely independent and there is no inter-reaction between the Bass, Middle and Treble tone controls.

An output Master Volume is included to allow for perfect matching between bypassed and boosted/EQ’d signal level and there is plenty of signal headroom available to overdrive amp inputs if required.


Overall boost with Gain = 100% and Volume = 100% is +20 dB

Overall boost with Gain = 0% and Volume = 100% is +0 dB

The above with Bass, Middle and Treble set to 50% (Neutral point).

Bass Control range +/- 16dB @ 40Hz

Mid Control range +/- 15dB @ 1.2KHz

Treble Control range +/-18dB @ 8KHz

Maximum signal output with Volume 100% is +10dBm/ 2.5vrms/6v Peak to Peak.



High Impedance RFI rejecting input and bypass buffer.
Each unit is hand built, wired and tested by Pete, Lynda and Mingus Cornish.
Housed in a Rugged Die-cast box.
Heavy Duty all-metal footswitch with Hi-Brite LED. Dimensions: 171 X 121 X 55 mm

Internal 9vdc battery (Grey Series) MN 1604 recommended - plus 9vdc input on M5.5/2.1 tip negative connector. Isolated ground power supplies are recommended - for instance Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus or equivalent type.
“Daisy Chaining” the power supply with other effects units is not recommended.Please remove the battery when storing or using a 9vdc supply as an unused battery may leak and cause damage.

This unit has been built using the finest available components and constructed to the highest standards but should any fault occur during the two yearsfrom date of purchase please return it post paid to the above address where under guarantee repairs of any original manufacturing fault will be carried out (normal wear, misuse, unauthorised modifications or accidental damage excepted). The warranty will be voided if the guarantee labels are damaged or removed. This warranty does not apply to customer?s own equipment, which has been connected to this unit. This warranty is not transferable.

©Pete Cornish™ Partnership 2016


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