Gosia private collection

Gibson les paul junior 1959

This Les paul junior is a 100% original and very rare 1959. In 1959 there are only some made, but with that killer neck. Maybe my best guitar i ever had. for playing i put on reissue tuners, but original in the case. I bought this from a very trusty vintage dealer "know your vintage guitars".

Gibson ES 335  1962

This guitar is almost 100% original. The original owner changed only the tuners in groovers, like so many old gibsons. But now the guitar stays in tune perfectly. If  had to choose to have only 1 guitar, it would be maybe this one (other should be my 1959 les paul junior or my 1957 fender stratocaster.

Also the story is so exclusive :  When i played in my first professional band "the schmutz" in 1985 i could by a 1962 es 335 for 70000 bef (= 1735 euro ). I was at the shop J&R and said i have to think about it one night(it was a very busy time.....we had a nr 1 hit in the charts). So next day i did a phone call to them and damm the guitar was sold. A few laters on i played with Lange Polle (later on called Monsieur Paul in TRIGGERFINGER) and i could buy his es 335 from 1962 (i am almost sure it was this guitar from the shop a few years before) but didn't have the money at that time. In 2010 i met again him and asked if he would sell that guitar, but ....no way he should sell it. Later on he sold all his equipment to a renting company. And in aug 2016 i was luckely to buy the guitar from Peter Verbraken.......so so luckely.....i will never sell this one

Fender stratocaster 2tone 1957

This incredible stratocaster from the very good year 1957 ( i heard no one better since i have this one. It is in my possession more then 30 years now. I bought this guitar in the 80's for 140000 bef (3500 euro) which was a lot off money in these days. original, but i put in a 5 way switch. At that time we didn't care about changing things and i have off course the original switch. But who cares, because in this live i never will sell this outstanding guitar.

Gibson es 175  1962 toots thielemans

This guitar is 100% original, and yes it still have those incredible PAF's

And it already has an incredible story, but this is not at the END at the moment. I bought this from the widow  off an already famous well known jazzplayer in Belgium : Ray KIng, who was a friend off Toots Thielemans and they lived in the same region, and they know each other. Also this guitar was used on his records. I have all on original letters, but know it seams that this guitar is pictured together with Toots on his full album Bluesette. We investigate each detail on the guitar and on the picture. yes completely the same. All seems to go in direction that this is the guitar off Toots....but we have this year an appointment with people who knows Toots very well. Anyway : the guitar has all the same color and fadings on the album, they know each other very well, ray king was also very well known, the guitar on the album never showed up again and in the 60's there were only a few es 175 in Belgium  (investigation told us 3 and the 2 others are very different )Also the widow when she was still alive told us  that this was Toots guitar and no one may play on the guitar from Ray.  ..... so it looks to go to the right way...and we are now almost sure it is his guitar.. to be continued. We will also publish a video where Tim Finoulst, an incredible jazzplayer will play on this guitar.

Fender stratocaster olympic white 1963

This 100% original guitar i already have for more then 30 years .....she is an incredible one. I owned the last 30 years, more then 20 vintage strats, and this is together with my 57 the best sounding ever.

30 years ago, i owned a 1962 sunburst slabboard stratocaster, that was in exeptional mint condition. The owner off the olympic white wanted a sunburst 62, and he contacted me if we could swap these guitars. I never forget, we played on both guitars till 04.00u in the morning and must say i didn't like the sunburst at all. Luckely he did. Can not explain, but the 62 sounded like a new guitar........and the olympic white one was sounding so so fat and bluesy.....OMG i need this guitar.....and yes we swapped. A few years ago i had a big offer on this one and i thought to sell it.....but my wife was so so angry that i didn't sell it...can  you believe......now i am so thankfull to her that i didn't sell it.

Gibson sg melody maker 1966

Bought this one in the UK, 100% original, in that incredible color pelham blue. This is a very underrated guitar . It is a killer tele sound on steroids. Only the neck from this one is small. But all get used after a while. 

Gretsch 6120   1961

Bought this one in the USA from Gary classic guitars , a very well known vintage dealer. Not cheap, but quality. This guitar is 100% original in a very nice flamed color and completely no issues. You can scream with this guitar and all feedback is perfect under control. Even with a very hard overdrive

Funny story : when i wanted to buy this guitar, it was in option for Brian Setzer, who took the guitar with him a few months together with another 1959. He decided to buy the 1959 . And i was so happy that i could buy this one from my birth year 1961. The guitar has all original papers and white cowboy case.

Tokai les paul reborn ls 120  1979

I bought this guitar together with another one (the other one i sold to my best friend Geert from NEL amps. It is  a killer guitar. Type is the ls 120 (which don't exist much, and they were the reason gibson started a trial in court. I changed a few things, although the guitar was already very good. I put in 2 100% original PAF's from 1962, new pots and vintage bumble bees capacitors. The result is that this guitar everytime wins the contest in comparing les pauls. And super lightweight

gibson les paul junior sg 1961

This one is 100% original and i bought this one in the USA. Killer P90. And the cherry red color is still exeptional conditionAnd although same setup as the les paul junior from 1959, it sound completely different. More open and a little bit brighter. But typical SG sounding. I love guitars from 1961 and this one is no exeption. Extreme lightweight guitar

fender telecaster 1969

I am like so many a real tele lover. This guitar i have more then 30 years and was originally a white one, but all the aging and discoloring and weatherchecking is pure from my playing. The guitar is 100% original. I had 50 and 60 tele's, but not anyone (hmm i have also 2 extremely good gosia's) can beat this one. It cuts like a knife and i played so many gigs with this one, so that the guitar is part off my life.

gibson es 335   1964/65

Another stunning 100% original es 335. It is from end 1964 (maybe just beginning 65) cause it has the custom plate and  the original bigsby. In a very beuatiful sunburst. Bought this guitar in 2019 from the first owner. When i opened the case, it smells like vintage, cause the guitar had even the old strings (wounded G string on it) and sounded not good when i plugged it in. Then i put new strings on. Simply heaven. My greatest found ever.

gibson sg 1969

Another 100% original guitar i bought once from the original owner in the Netherlands, even with the beautiful original case. This guitar is a dream, the PAF cut , but even clean it is a great guitar. Once i hope to find an original 1961 one :) ....you never know

gibson les paul deluxe  1974

A killer sounding les paul deluxe. I bought this one from my earlier leadsinger Guy Peeters and own this guitar now for many years. It aged completely naturally. Unbelievable but this guitar kills les paul standards. Only it is a real heavy weight and it has a headstock repair, but for the rest 100% original. 

gibson melodymaker  1961

the most underrated guitar ever. 100% original guitar. Bought this one in the USA. It sounds as good as an original vintage strat and has a killer 59 type neck (i think the best neck ever). They go up very fast in price......grab one if you can....you won't regret

fender jazzbass 1965

100% original guitar. When i played in a red hot chili peppers tribute band, our bassplayer asked me to find a bass for him. I bought it for him in Germany 18 years ago. A few years later, he needs money and i bought it from him. Since we have used it on incredible much sessions in our studio Apes on tapes. Each time a bassplayer came in the studio..... played on it ....and used it for the record. This beast doens't need nothing to sound perfect on recording. Will never sell this one. It is completely naturally aged in a fantastic way.