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Our first tribute model for the great guitarplayer Michel-Yves Kochmann
feautures : lightweight swampash body, curtis novak wide range humbucker (neck), fred stuart pickup (bridge), maple neck.
MYK aso plays on stonecacaster with 60 stuart pickups, another stonecaster with rory gallagher fatboy pickups and a ghostmaster with the great P90 & P180 curtis novak pickups, another stonecaster , called "Goldie", an elfcaster called "Fire" and an elfcaster MYKCAWBER He also use clinchfx ep+ custom, clinch burning boost and our klon clone. MYK OWNS 7 GOSIA GUITARS 

A part of the interview with MYK in GUITAR EXTREME

Before shipping the  guitar we made a quick demo only with a handycam

MYK creates killer sounds and knows a lot about guitars, amps & effects. He inspires so much other guitarplayers. We are proud that he plays on our guitars.

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