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we are located in Lommel (Belgium). I myself have been collecting old vintage guitars (fender and gibson) for almost 40 years. We also have 30 years of experience working on guitars. And our biggest challenge is to make everything better and better. 

We are proud to say that our guitars feel like real vintage guitars with a great soul and a sound that should no longer be inferior to the real vintage guitars. Only our guitars are really made for musicians and not for collectors, who buy the most expensive guitars just to hang on the wall.

We use only the best wood available, checked for weight and resonance. When this is right, you get a fantastic guitar. We use techniques like in the 50's and 60's so our necks play like butter.

Together with heartbreaker pickups we have created pickups that sound "exactly" the same as the real vintage. This is because we match the values of the individual poles to those of the real vintage. This makes our pickups sound less sharp, much fatter and that lovely mid. Our pickups are 100% copies of our 1961 -63 fender stratocaster and our 1962 gibson es 335. We also love lindy fralin pickups and offer them as well.

Our lacquers are the well known nitro cellolose. 

For aging we have different stages such as closet clean, light, medium and heavy aged. Since 2023 we also do "3D aging" as we call it. This is aging in several layers and is an extra option, given a lot of detail work.

If you want a very exclusive top guitar, do not hesitate and buy a gosia guitar. We have by now only very satisfied (professional) customers worldwide.

Welcome to the GOSIA CLUB


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gosia brodzinska

gosia guitars

elf v.O.F.

donkerstraat 20


TVANR BE0836858095

no phonenr ...we like to sleep at night





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