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Gosia is a small company located in Belgium. We build relic guitars with the best parts available  and we really make an effort to have the best wood for our bodies and necks selected at the source.

We use lightweight alder and swamp ash exclusively for our bodies.

Necks are all maple or maple with rosewood fingerboard. Back profiles available are: standard C,V to C, ’57 V, clapton v and boat necks. We only use bone nuts.


All our guitars are finished in 100% nitro lacquer in all the colors that Leo was using between 1950 and 1965. The finish is quite thin so the wood can vibrate as freely as possible. Colors : seafoam green, black, butterscotch, daphne blue, ice blue metallic, fiesta red, lake placid blue, dakota red, vintage white, shell pink, sonic blue, shoreline gold, inca silver, blond, ocean turqouise, sunburst, olympic white, burgundy mist, copper, surf green, two tone sunburst, desert sand.


We tried a lot of pickups over the years  like  Fred Stuart,  Curtis novak, Fatboy, Sheptone, Wolftone, Kloppmann., but we finally go further  with our own custom build heartbreakerpickups, which sounds awesome and are absolutely the best choice for your gosia guitar..  

All electronics are put together like they were in the 50's and 60's with the best pots available and of course cloth wire. For stonecaster, we do a master volume and a master tone and the third knob can be used to mix the neck & bridge pickups. 

Our guitars are set up in our own workshop with great attention to detail.


​Now you’ve got a guitar for lifetime, that completely sounds like the highly wanted vintage ones, but without the price tag.



any questions please contact us


gosia brodzinska

gosia guitars

elf v.O.F.

donkerstraat 20


TVANR BE0836858095

no phonenr ...we like to sleep at night





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